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What is OnlyReborns doing to prevent SCAMMERS?

As we are all aware, this is a HUGE problem in the reborn doll community; it crosses into both sides of the community as well – from stolen sculpts to individuals claiming to be authorized dealers to people selling dolls they don’t have or customers purchasing and claiming “not received.” All of these things hurt our community.  OnlyReborns wants to help and here is how we are doing it:

1) ONLY dolls created with AUTHENTIC kits are permitted – all artists agree to this in the registration process.

2) ALL nurseries are VERIFIED – we look at nursery websites, social media profiles to ensure a presence in the community and a record of positive sales. 

3) Our online system requires email verification for ALL members.

4) To contact a member nursery, customers/collectors MUST be registered on the site, including their full name, verified email address and mailing address. Please make sure that is not blocked by your email provider.

Can a Reborn Artist sell dolls reborn from knock-off or fake kits?

Absolutely NOT. In the event that OnlyReborns learns of a member attempting to sell dolls reborn from knock-off, fake or stolen sculpts, the artists account will be permanently removed from the website. Upon joining, ALL artists must agree to post only originally created artwork using only authentic doll kits. Sadly, we have had to remove artists for this reason. 

Can I sell reborn doll accessories?

Yes! With the launch of our new platform, we invite reborn artists to sell new, unused, hand-crafted reborn doll accessories. Additionally  artists who are approved resellers for brands may also sell clothing for reborn dolls. We do not allow the sale of used items or the resale of clothing (new or used) other than that stated above.

Can I watermark my product images?

ES and YES. OnlyReborns strongly encourages watermarking of images. Watermarking can help to keep your images safe. There are lots of online websites and apps that can help you add watermarks to your images. Please know however that watermarking does not guarantee that someone cannot or will not try to steal and/or even remove watermarks. Unfortunately this has become a common practice by scammers in the community. 

Can I post sales or offer discount codes?

Yes! Sales can certainly help to drive sales, especially around holidays! OnlyReborns discourages its members from raising prices just to put them on sale. Dolls or other items placed on sale will automatically be featured in the SALE section at no additional cost.

Please price your reborn dolls fairly (based on kit and supplies cost plus artist experience/quality). If you choose to then reduce prices or offer coupons to drive sales, make sure that you have not raised your prices just to offer the discounted rate.  If OnlyReborns becomes aware of this practice by members, the ability to offer coupons and sales will be removed.

How long do new listings show on the homepage?

Unfortunately there is no way to tell – it really depends on how active artists are as the add new dolls to their product catalog. At this time, the home page will show up to 10 of the most recently listed reborn dolls and 10 of the most recently listed alternatives in the order they are listed. This means, a single artist may have multiple dolls featured on the home page. Additionally we offer the opportunity for artists to feature dolls on the home page. Featured dolls will show for a period of 10 days. 

Can I resell reborn dolls on OnlyReborns?

No. This site is dedicated specifically to newly created reborns from authentic doll kits (or original dolls that have been reborn – e.g., Paradise Galleries, Lee Middleton, Berenguer, etc), sold directly by the Reborn Artist who created it. If an individual is reselling and representing themselves as an artist, they will be permanently removed from the site.

How can I order a reborn doll that I see in the product catalog?

OnlyReborns does not process payments or act as a payment intermediary for members at this time.  If an artists offers, “Pay Now” you will find a direct payment button in the doll listing. Otherwise, simply click the contact member button to send a message indicating your interest or complete the start the adoption process form. The member will then reach out to you to arrange for payment and shipping. Members will be able to send invoices/money requests from their preferred payment vendor. 

What form of payments do OnlyReborns members accept?

That is entirely up to the individual member.  OnlyReborns highly recommends using PayPal (Goods & Services) to ensure some level of protection for both parties, however as long as the artist and customer are in agreement, any payment method may be used. Some artists may require invoicing, where you begin the adoption process and they then follow up, sending an invoice using their preferred payment method. Other may accept direct payment using their personal link or a Pay Now link through PayPal or another payment provider. If this option is available, it will be included in the artists profile or on the product listing.  OnlyReborns does not process payments for artist members.

Why do Reborn Dolls Cost So Much?

Explanation provided by @Snug-a-Bug Reborns 
(we will discuss only vinyl reborns as we do not work with silicone)

Artists start by researching, then purchasing things like paint and paint mediums (can vary significantly due to type and brand), pigment powders (if an artist uses them), paint tools (brushes, sponges, gloves, distilled water, brush cleaner, etc) which have to be replenished regularly, paint plates/bowls,  stuffing & weighting materials, hair, rooting supplies (needles  rooting tool, magnifying glasses, hair cutting/styling supplies), magnets, glues, practice kits/pieces, shipping supplies (boxes, packing materials, tape), printing materials and box opening supplies (clothing, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, hair conditioner, brushes, combs, etc.). Then there is the time, artists can spend upwards of 100 hours creating each baby and time is valuable! Start up costs will range based on the type of paint and quality of supplies an artist uses. On average an is spending $300-$1,000 before they sell their first reborn and many don’t sell the first several but rather think of them as part of the investment in learning the craft. Dolls from new artists or dolls created from cheaper kits that are not well painted, or not well rooted should cost less. You just have to decide what quality is worth to you. Please don’t ask an artist to lower their prices because you want more for less.

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